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BTwinBooks links the paper book to its digital copy.


Based on IoT principles, BTwinBooks' technology manages the digital identity of physical objects on the cloud. This is made possible by assigning unique codes which identify print books with their digital representation — whether an eBook, an audiobook or other related content.

Good for Publishers


Anti-piracy — securely manage the unique activation of digital content.


Data analytics — Gather and mine a wealth of information about reading habits.


Relationship — establish direct communication with individual readers - at last!


Token economy — monetise print sales further by personalising access to digital content.

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Good for Readers


Full access — Buy a print book and unlock a wealth of content.


User experience — Enjoy a seamless, richer reading experience.


Multi-format — Select the preferred reading format depending on the situation: at home, on the move.

Good For Trade/Channel


Booksellers — become an integral element of the digital value chain while retaining their critical role as trusted prescribers


Printers — increase the value services rendered to publishers


Indie service platforms — help your novel authors reach wider audiences

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At BTwinBooks we aim to help publishers transition from a predominantly print model to a digital ecosystem, so that they only have to worry about what matters to readers — the quality of their content.


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Fernando San Martín

Co-founder, CEO & Board Member

Enrique Zorrilla

Co-founder & Board Member

Josep M. Mas

CPO, CMO & Board Member

Chris Boughton

Non-Executive Director & Board Member

Co-founder & Board Member

José Luis Ramírez

Martí Romaní



Based in Spain, our team’s deep background in consumer products, mobile, editorial services and new ventures, contributes to the success of every project.

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links the paper book to its digital copy.