A new way of understanding books and reading


BTwinBooks links the paper book to its digital copy.

Good for Readers

One single purchase, each paper book unlocks its twin e-book.

Select the preferred format depending on the situation: at home, on the move.

Enjoy additional digital content generated around the book.

Good for Publishers

Control the download process transparently to the reader.

Link the e-book as an attachment to the paper book or to a promotional token.

Learn from the paper readers. What, when, where.

Good for Bookstores

Recover the value perceived for digital contents.

Enrich the paper book format and adapt it to the digital trend.

Preserve traditional sales and distribution strategies.



Get a digital version of your book on your tablet or smartphone

  1. Download the Planeta reader app.
  2. Start the app and scan the QR code in your book.

Our Team


Based in Germany and Spain, our team’s deep background in consumer products, mobile, editorial services and new ventures, contributes to the success of every project.

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